Dow Jones and the Industrials were a punk/new wave band from West Lafayette, Indiana from 1979 until 1981. During this time, they released a split LP with the Gizmos, Hoosier Hysteria, and a self-titled 7-inch EP known for its “Can’t Stand the Midwest” anthem. The song “Ladies With Appliances” was also featured on the famed Red Snerts compilation of Indiana bands. Originally, the band consisted of Greg Horn (guitar, vocals), Chris Clark (bass, vocals), drummer Tim North, and Brad Garton (otherwise known as “Mr. Science”) on keyboards…

Now we are culling together the recorded history for a series of reissues on the Family Vineyard label. The 1981 7″ EP was released in March 2011. A 29-track anthology of the Industrials music will be released in September 2016.

Contact Dow Jones: info@family-vineyard.com